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Coral Springs As It Was Intended To Be


Manly Coral Springs
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Coral Springs, Florida used to be a place to be proud of. You told someone you were from Springs and they'd promptly ask you if you had any shrapnel in your body. Now? Now Coral Springs is represented by white female teases. You know the kind, the girls who hang out at Holiday Springs Bowling Lanes, Ramblewood Diner, and Regal Magnolia so that they can get some attention without having to commence in the sucky-sucky.

Frankly, I am dismayed by this. As a Coral Springs citizen since the age of 2, I have witnessed the white girl holocaust firsthand. Our natural habitat is dying out and you know what? I'm not going to stand idly by and let it go away without a fight! This community is dedicated to the few, the proud, the manly men of Coral Springs.

God speed.